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Various models of remote work are becoming increasingly popular among companies in the United Kingdom, from small businesses to larger enterprises. As seen by the number of lucrative remote work positions opening all over the world, more and more professional organisations are willing to incorporate remote work into their company policy. And, with an increase in professionals from all industries seeking new ways to work and thrive, there has been a surge in interest in remote work.

What is remote working?

Remote working refers to any work that is completed outside of a traditional office setting. Often called home working, telecommuting, or teleworking, this form of work is a highly flexible employment style that has been around for many years.

Remote working is quickly becoming the new normal. The rates at which people are offering and taking remote jobs has steadily increased since 2005, thanks largely to the advancement of technology. While there are a plethora of reasons why remote working is appealing to both companies and workers, benefits such as reduced commuting rates and increased schedule flexibility have made remote work an incredibly attractive choice for many job seekers.

What do we do?

The Remote Worker job board is designed to help hiring managers and businesses connect with job-seeking professionals for remote work positions. You can use the platform to search for jobs within your industry and location -- anywhere in the United Kingdom. From casual and seasonal work to part-time and full-time career roles, there’s something for everyone.

Why choose Remote Worker?

For job-seekers

The friendly recruitment experts behind Remote Worker have perfected the art of matching candidates to their perfect job. We use cutting edge technology and specially developed algorithms to help us more accurately pair open positions with job seekers. Instead of having to scour through hundreds of open positions and send dozens of lengthy applications, we help you cut through the noise and find only the positions that are best suited for you. Create a profile, fill in your work history and other personal information, sit back and let us help you find the job of your dreams!

For hiring companies and businesses

Our industry specialists are proud of the partnerships we’ve developed over time. We aren’t focused on sending you dozens of candidates that don’t meet your expectations. We only connect you with candidates that are outfitted with the skills that you need to ensure the success of your company. By using our platform, you can greatly reduce the number of
unsuitable applications that you receive and quickly and efficiently find the right person for the job. Our job posting packages are affordable and each one gives you access to an extensive database of duly qualified, incredibly talented professionals -- from the UK and all over the world!

Check out our useful resources

We aren’t just committed to connecting talented professionals with the right position -- we’re also dedicated to keeping people up to date with remote work news. Our blog, which is updated regularly, provides key information for both remote workers and their employers. Our resource section also includes briefs on popular remote working companies to help job seekers learn more about the organisations they are applying to. Stay tuned to our blog and resource section for more key information about remote work and industry updates!