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Employers continue to reap the benefits of remote jobs in UK

remote jobs in the UK

UK employers are continuing to reap the benefits of remote work despite pressure to return to traditional forms of work.

UK business owners say remote work improves productivity and keeps their staff happy 

LONDON, ENGLAND — Remote jobs might be in danger of reverting back into their more traditional, in-person models around the world, but some UK companies are standing by the benefits remote working has delivered for their teams.

Ana Andres, co-founder of TidyChoice, said her team has been working remotely for two years now and has found it extremely beneficial for getting the job done.

UK employers are finding remote work increases productivity among their staff.

“We've learned many lessons along the way about what makes remote work successful and what doesn't — as well as how to overcome the challenges of being distributed across multiple time zones and cultures,” Andres told Remote Worker.

“We found that remote working has a positive impact on productivity, employee retention and workplace culture…

“It allows everyone to be more flexible and gives you the ability to get your job done without having to be at an office.”

Louis John, of What’s Good Online UK, felt the same way.

“We have embraced working full-time from home and it has been a good experience for all of us,” John said.

“I don’t think we are going back to in-office arrangements any time soon.

“Working remotely allows us to be flexible in creating our own schedules.”

He added, “We found that maintaining just the right amount of communication leads to more initiative, innovation and engagement among the employees.”


Remote work is a rewarding challenge 

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, UK employers are standing by the benefits of remote work.

Absolute Digital Media Founder and CEO Ben Austin said his company has gone fully remote since the start of the pandemic, and has found ways to turn initial challenges into positives for the whole team.

“The decision to work remotely was made by our team,” said Austin.

“We asked if they wanted to stay remote and they all agreed.”

He added, “Here at Absolute Digital Media, maintaining company culture in a remote company was a challenge.

“We are fully remote, and we do believe that this is more convenient for everyone involved.”


Staff are happier with remote jobs 

UK employers are finding that their staff members are happier with remote jobs.

Tracy Acker, CEO and recruiter at UK online loan broker GetPaydayLoan, said her team of nine has been working remotely since the company was first launched.

“I realized that my employees adopted remote working immediately after setting up the firm,” she told Remote Worker.

“Most of them are happy working remotely, and sometimes they come to the office to socialize.”

Acker said she and her team alike love the flexibility of working from home, which allows them to focus more clearly on performing their best on the job.

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