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Work-from-anywhere trending upwards in the UK

UK remote work

Work from anywhere is becoming a trend among UK businesses.

New remote working trend could be ‘compromise’ for employers and staff

LONDON, ENGLAND — Amidst tension between employers urging staff to return to physical offices and unwilling workers who refuse to surrender the work-life balance they gained during the pandemic, a new subset of remote work seems to be emerging.

Most Brits are unwilling to give up remote work.

Thanks to the rise of remote work during the pandemic, where thousands of workers were made to work from home as health officials battled the crisis, employees around the world gained an appetite for more flexible ways of working they may have not previously thought possible.

Although some employers have insisted on forcing employees to return to physical offices, British workers have largely indicated a preference to continue working remotely at least part of the time.

In the most intense cases, many workers have threatened to quit their jobs rather than return to the previous way of working.

However, a third option that provides options for both parties could be on the upswing.

New remote working trend

Work-from-anywhere lets employees work from wherever they want.

“Work from anywhere” (WFA) is a form of remote work that allows staff to work from anywhere they choose — whether that’s from home, from another country, from a coffee shop or from an office.

It offers staff the coveted work-life balance studies have shown they resoundingly demand. Although, staff may only be allowed to work from anywhere a few weeks every year.

At the same time, however, many WFA positions do not offer that flexibility full-time. As such, this option still has something to offer employers who are dead-set on having employees work in-person or at least in a hybrid model.

Work from anywhere is now starting to increasingly be offered as a job perk alongside unlimited paid time off and other benefits.

When not a completely remote position, WFA seems to offer a sort of “compromise” for individuals reluctant to give up their remote working benefits completely.

Work-from-anywhere jobs on the upswing

Job search Adzuna recently conducted a study on the instances of work-from-anywhere.

Could work-from-anywhere be here to stay?

It concluded, “In 2022, more employers in the UK are pursuing this remote working trend.

“Compared with 2021, there has been a steady and gradual positive growth in the number of monthly work-from-anywhere job openings.”

Further, Adzuna found, “This new way of working was most prevalent among job ads in April 2022.

“More than 2,000 work-from-anywhere jobs were recorded across the UK, 412 per cent higher or 1,747 more jobs than the same time last year.”

Although LinkedIn recently reported that remote jobs appear to be on a decline across the UK, Adzuna remarked that WFA jobs are still trending higher than this same time last year.

This led them to suggest the new trend is “here to stay”.

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