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British workers want more remote work overseas in 2023

UK remote jobs

More British workers plan to work remotely from overseas in 2023.

Research finds 1 in 5 British employees plan to work remotely this year

LONDON, ENGLAND — Even as the debate about remote work continues in the United Kingdom, far more British workers plan to work remotely this year than did last year.

Remote and hybrid forms of work that allow staff to work from home at least part of the time have been consistently popular among the UK workforce.

This trend has not changed for more than a year even though some employers have moved to insist employees return to physical offices.

Remote work has remained popular among the UK workforce.

In fact, the appetite for remote work has actually increased, according to new research published by Finder UK, an independent comparison platform.

Finder UK’s study confirmed that 21 per cent of British workers plan to work remotely this year.

This translates to one in five British workers and is an 11 per cent jump from the amount of British workers who planned to work remotely last year.

It also comes as the British government continues work on a new law that would give employees the right to request flexible work from their very first day on the job.

Additionally, the workforce’s favour for remote work goes beyond just homeworking, as Finder’s study indicates that this is the percentage of British employees who actually want to work from a completely different country altogether.

“Not all workers are satisfied with working from home,” Finder UK noted.

A growing number of Brits are planning to take advantage of flexible work arrangements by working overseas.”

Nearly 40 per cent of Brits worked remotely last year

Millions of British employees worked remotely in 2022.

Putting those figures into sharper perspective, Finder UK highlighted that some 37 per cent of British employees worked remotely last year. That’s the equivalent of roughly 20 million people.

While most of those employees worked remotely within the UK, 11 per cent of that figure worked remotely overseas.

Men and the younger workers of Generation Z were the most likely to work remotely last year, according to Finder’s research.

Further, those same two groupings are also the ones who plan to work remotely in another country even more this year.

“One in four British men (24 per cent) plan to work from another country this year, compared to just under one in five for women (18 per cent),” research found.

Meanwhile, it also noted that “Gen Z is the most likely to work abroad in 2023 (39 per cent), followed by Gen Y (35 per cent) and Gen X (21 per cent), with just four per cent of baby boomers saying the same”.

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