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Remote working is still facing opposition

Remote working - Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticises “post-COVID, work-from-home, mañana culture” but later backtracks. LONDON, ENGLAND — Even at this stage of the pandemic, now that the world has seen some of its worst periods of COVID-19 and is collectively moving towards a “post-pandemic” phase, there is still some opposition to remote working. This…
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Some companies proposing pay cut for remote working staff

Companies pushing employees to return to the office at all costs could be placing themselves at a disadvantage as an increasing number of jobseekers demand remote working options LONDON, ENGLAND ­— Despite the overwhelming popularity of remote working spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many studies indicating its benefits, pushback against work-from-home options…
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39.4 percent of NHS staff required to work remotely in 2021

39.4 percent of NHS staff required to work remotely in 2021 LONDON, ENGLAND ­— While healthcare workers have remained physically on the frontlines of the fight against COVID, a recent National Health Service (NHS) survey has shown a surprising number of healthcare workers have also been required to work from home over the last year.…
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