Unique items to improve your WFH experience

Working from home with just the basics is fine. But there are also other items you may not have even considered, which can help make WFH easier, better and more efficient.

By now, most people know the basics of setting up a workspace at home: a good desk and chair, high-speed internet access, and somewhere quiet to work. 

But there are simple add-ons that you can get to help make the most of your remote office — whether that’s an entirely separate room or just a table in the living room.

RemoteWorker.co.uk asked business leaders about the small and inexpensive yet effective items that made a surprising difference when they work from home. Below are the 4 best yet overlooked items they suggest can add to your WFH experience, making it easier, better and more productive


4 items to make your remote work experience even better

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Cup warmer
  3. Standing desk
  4. Lighting



There are small whiteboards that can simply be hung onto a space on the wall, helping you to better keep track of your projects, deadlines, and anything else you need to make note of.  

work from home

A small whiteboard can help you stay organised. (Photo by Lucie Liz on Pexels)

“This innovative upgrade serves as a dynamic canvas for creativity, offering a unique area for brainstorming ideas, jotting down notes, and visualising projects,” says Andrew Griffith. He is Founder of Garden Furniture, a company that can make custom whiteboards for just this purpose. 

“It encourages a fluid and visually stimulating workspace, promoting active engagement with your projects [in a way that] not only enhances functionality but also adds a personalised touch.”


Cup warmer

Ever make a hot cuppa and sit down to work, only to realise hours later that you’ve been so busy that you left your (now cold) tea untouched?

“I recommend a cup warmer to keep your drinks hot, especially useful given the chilly UK weather,” says Tim Hopfinger Lee, Founder of US-based Tim’s Coffee.

“Though initially I didn’t know where to find cheap gadget accessories here in the UK, I came across things that I didn’t even know existed and can make your life easier.”


Standing desk

Remaining stagnant for long periods of time is a concern for most employees, not just remote workers. 

However, remote workers may have an optional benefit that many others may not: buying an adjustable standing desk or stand-up desk.

“My top tip for upgrading your home office workspace is to get a standing desk,” says Chris Percival, founder of market research company CJPI

“Whilst electric ones are a more luxury option, there’s a number of retrofit solutions that are very cost effective. I find they improve focus whilst being a healthy way to keep moving through the day.”



work from home

Good lighting can reduce strain on your eyes. (Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels)

Billy Parker, Managing Director of GiftDelivery.co.uk, emphasises the importance of good lighting when working from home. 

“Natural light is ideal, but if that is not possible, investing in good quality artificial lighting can make a big difference,” he says. 

“Proper lighting can reduce eye strain and headaches, and also improve mood and energy.”

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