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Remote work and the culture of overworking

A new academic paper emerging from the University of Kent, King’s College and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) is shedding light on the ways in which remote workers across the United Kingdom may have a tendency to work extensively long hours, for different reasons. Many studies have spoken to the productivity of remote and hybrid…
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Countdown To Flex From 1st: Are You Ready?

In just over a week’s time, the UK labour force is about to go through a major shift that could very well change the way employers and employees think about working on the whole.  The advent of COVID-19 and the related boom in remote work that came with it already dramatically changed the labour landscape…
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Report finds discrimination persists among UK home workers

Remote work has remained popular for UK workers in general, but many minority workers feel it’s even more beneficial for them as it removes some of the discrimination and bias they face while working face-to-face. However, while remote work has its benefits and has been shown to reduce workplace toxicity, it’s not the perfect solution.…
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Hybrid job postings up from December dip

Workers keen for a remote or hybrid job in the UK and Ireland will be relieved to know that hybrid jobs are on a steady rebound in Q1 2024 after facing a concerning drop just towards the end of last year. Global employment website Indeed has published figures showing the share of job postings containing…
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