Remote performance management tips

WorkNest suggests six ways to stay on top of performance in a remote or hybrid-working environment

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM ­— As some offices prepare to adopt hybrid working models now that the government’s Plan B advice to work from home has fallen away, one organisation has suggested a number of ways to keep an eye on performance outside of a physical office.

WorkNest — experts in employment law, human resources and health & safety advice for businesses and employees — has outlined six steps to ensure performance keeps rolling, including: be results-oriented, increase frequency of check-in conversations, make milestones tangible, be available, monitor workloads and broaden the pool of feedback resources.

“With less visibility over your workforce, hybrid working lends itself to a results-oriented culture that rewards employees based on their output rather than the hours they spend at their desk,” the organisation said.

“As a result, employers are becoming less hung up on how employees get the job done — after all, focusing on completing more tasks in the shortest time possible will help your business to grow quickly — and more concerned with outcomes.”

To this end, WorkNest emphasised that “achieving outcomes, hitting targets and meeting deadlines are key performance indicators when it comes to managing those working remotely”.

Additionally, it suggested that remote workers and their employers “connect goals with tangible outputs that make it clear what ‘progress’ looks like”, and also consider using time-tracking applications to not only improve visibility but also ensure team members are not overwhelmed with their workload.

Communication is key

A major aspect of managing performance while working remotely was opening lines of communication by remaining available or even scheduling one-on-one meetings, the workforce experts outlined.

“Regular contact with remote and hybrid workers will help managers to stay on top of progress and overcome potential roadblocks, while also helping workers feel supported and connected,” WorkNest said.

“For hybrid workers, consider scheduling in-person performance check-ins as this will enable conversations to flow more naturally — but don’t wait if the feedback needs to be timely.

“For remote workers, make sure that performance check-ins are conducted one-to-one in a quiet, distraction-free environment with a solid internet connection so that employees feel they are getting your full, undivided attention and don’t miss important feedback.”

The group added, “Make sure remote and hybrid workers have easy access to get their questions answered, clarify next steps or discuss potential obstacles when they cannot simply stop by their manager’s office or them down in the hallway.”

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