Which industries are hiring more remote workers in the UK right now?

If you’re in the market for a home work opportunity in the United Kingdom, now is a great time to apply. Remote job postings are again nearing all-time-highs across the UK, according to data from Indeed Hiring Lab, and we’ve crunched the numbers to find out which industries are topping the charts.

Which industries have the most remote job openings right now?

remote workers in the UK

Most remote job openings are in IT. (Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels)

According to the data, the top 5 sectors where you’re most likely to get a remote job in the UK as of April 2024 are:

  1. Software Development
  2. Information Design & Documentation
  3. Insurance
  4. Marketing
  5. Information Technology (IT)

Remote software development jobs

It should come as no surprise that jobs related to technology tend to have the highest share of remote job postings, just given the nature of the role. 

Software developers are almost always in high demand. And, according to Indeed’s data, just over half of the job openings available in this field right now are remote.

Remote information design jobs

Information design and documentation is another field related to technology, involving more of a visual aspect. These are highly skilled, specialised roles, and just about 44% of them are remote right now.

Remote insurance jobs

remote workers in the UK

Many finance roles are also remote. (Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on Pexels)

If you’re more keen to work in a finance, business or sales-related field, it could be time to consider joining the insurance industry. Around 43% of job openings in insurance are remote in the UK, so you could jumpstart your career in a secure, age-old industry while working from home.

Remote marketing jobs

Digital marketing has taken new shape and continues to evolve, especially with advancements in AI tools. Now, 42% of marketing job openings are remote, giving you the opportunity to work in a creative industry alongside technological advancements that make the job easier.  

Remote IT jobs

Coming back to IT, the entire industry itself is just seeing a high number of remote postings right now — which is great considering they had dropped off significantly towards the end of last year. For general IT jobs, 42% are remote right now, and that’s a promising sign for those who want to work in the industry. 

WFH trending upwards

Remote job postings on the whole are trending upwards, the data show. Up to the end of April, some 16% of all job postings in the UK on Indeed were for remote positions. That’s only a few percentage points lower than the 16.3% historic record it hit in early 2023. 

Out of the regions Indeed Hiring Labs assessed, the United Kingdom & Ireland have the highest share of remote job postings. 

Germany and Canada aren’t far behind at roughly 14%. But the UK is towering above countries with much lower shares of remote work, such as France at 9.6% and the United States at 8%.

It is unclear whether the recent Flex From 1st rules that came into effect could have impacted this, but the bottom line is that it’s a good time to look for remote work in the UK and Ireland.

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Source: Indeed Hiring Lab

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