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Remote work could be the happy medium for Brits looking to move abroad

UK remote work

Remote work could be the happy medium for the millions of Brits who want to move overseas and the UK employers that are facing a labour crisis.

Totaljobs study finds 3.4 million UK working adults want to move abroad

LONDON, ENGLAND — With millions of UK workers looking to move abroad in pursuit of a better way of living, remote work is not just a pretty perk but could become a crux for businesses that want to survive.

The UK is currently facing an intense labour climate that has dozens of employers scrambling to recruit foreign workers to fill the gaps.

But even as British businesses are trying to get foreign workers in, local workers dream of making their way out.

This ironic outcome amidst unprecedented times is according to the latest Hiring Trends Index from Totaljobs, one of the UK’s largest hiring platforms.

That organisation’s research found that “over 4.5 million UK workers are considering moving overseas for a better quality of life, as a result of the cost of living crisis and for better career opportunities”.


Could remote work be the happy medium?

Despite the seemingly bleak prospects, remote work could be the happy medium that allows UK employees to live abroad while UK employers retain their staff.

There has been some “controversy” surrounding the topic of remote work, with some businesses and even public figures opposing it in favour of traditional offices.

However, countless studies have proven the benefits of remote work. Now, just as many workers said they would rather quit than return to physical offices, UK employers may soon have to ask themselves whether they would rather bite the proverbial bullet and offer remote work or lose their best employees.

By embracing remote work, such as adopting a model where staff can work from anywhere as long as the job gets done, UK employers may be able to stave off succumbing to the current labour crisis.

Services like Remote Worker, which specialises in helping to connect the UK workforce with remote or work-from-home jobs in their chosen line of work, can be particularly useful in such times.

Through Remote Worker, UK-based businesses can find staff who want to work remotely, thereby ensuring that their business stays afloat.


Millions of workers bound to leave UK

The question of remote work becomes more pressing with Totaljobs’ statistics.

Their research shows that “13 per cent of UK workers said they are considering moving abroad for work, while nearly a quarter (23 per cent) would consider it as part of a job package”.

“Over 3.4 million UK working adults say moving outside of the UK is a long-term goal of theirs,” the organisation noted, “while three per cent admit they are actively planning to relocate either in the next year or the next two years – that equates to an immediate exodus of over 380,000 UK workers.”

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