Monthly Archives: April 2023

How the right IT support can make all the difference for your remote team

Employee experience matters a lot more for remote workers, and tech support is part of that LONDON, ENGLAND — While remote and hybrid workers typically reap tons of benefits from their working model, many can feel isolated from their colleagues who work in-office. [caption id="attachment_4005" align="alignleft" width="396"] Some remote workers can feel isolated from their…
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More British workers are saying no to working in-person

With the seemingly endless list of benefits of remote working, it’s understandable why remote work has doubled in popularity in just 3 years. [caption id="attachment_3976" align="alignleft" width="250"] The popularity of remote work has doubled.[/caption] Ask one of the thousands of British employees who works hybrid if they are satisfied, and they will probably tell you…
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Creative jobs have higher percentage of remote work

But surprising industries tout high numbers of remote job listings too LONDON, ENGLAND — New research on the subject is showing that jobs in creative industries are more likely to have a high percentage of remote job listings. The findings line up with earlier studies into remote work instances, which noted more flexibility when it…
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