The best remote jobs for seniors in the UK – 2023

Remote jobs aren’t just for the young. Here is’s list of the best jobs that seniors can do online.

remote work UKGlobal inflation has just about everyone concerned, including many seniors who are concerned about how they will keep up the cost of living if they quit work.

Some seniors have even come out of retirement or considered doing so amidst an ongoing labour shortage on top of inflation concerns. 

However, for older Brits who want to hold onto job opportunities but in a way that allows them to spend more time at home or have more flexible hours, remote work can be a satisfactory option. 

At, we’ve looked into the options and compiled a list of the 5 top remote jobs for seniors based in the United Kingdom. 


The 5 Best Jobs for Seniors in the UK

  • Virtual consultant
  • Remote financial advisor
  • Virtual accountant
  • Virtual business development manager
  • Online tutor


1. Virtual consultant

remote work UK

A virtual consultant can be a great option for a senior coming out of retirement, or who wants to work fewer hours while still earning a decent income. 

Someone in this position already has years of experience and industry knowledge that can be used to help organisations and professionals make informed decisions. The work schedule can also be more relaxed and self-paced, and there is ample opportunity to work from home. 

Average salaries for a virtual consultant are upwards of £44,000 per annum, making it a great choice for a tenured senior. 


2. Remote financial advisor

A senior with a well-developed background in finance or a related industry can consider becoming a remote financial advisor

This position earns an average salary of more than £40,000 per annum and can be done completely at home with a flexible schedule

Although there is a higher chance that you would be employed through a firm rather than working freelance, it is still a good option for a senior with enough experience to advise others. 


3. Virtual accountant 

remote work UKVirtual accountants are similar to remote financial advisors in many ways. They also earn upwards of £40,000 per annum and are best suited for seniors with experience in accounting, bookkeeping, finance or a related field.

A major difference, however, is that virtual accountants may be more likely to have the opportunity to work on a freelance basis if they so choose.

Seniors looking to set their own rules and only work as much — or as little — as they want can consider this remote work option.


4. Virtual business development manager

A senior keen for engaging work that they can perhaps perform at a more relaxed pace and from the comfort of home may consider trying their hand at business development management.

This kind of role can be a part-time position that requires digital outreach but that is not as demanding or fast-paced as a virtual telemarketing or virtual assistant job might be. 

Salaries can reach well upwards of £37,000 per annum as well, which is a fair bit higher than the £25,000 average of virtual telemarketing positions. 


5. Online tutor

remote work UKMost seniors who have reached retirement age have expertise in at least one field, or at the very least well-practised skills that can be taught to others. Whether that’s teaching English as a second language, teaching secondary-level Mathematics or teaching a specialty trade.

Online tutoring jobs can start at around £31,000 per annum but reach significantly higher levels with more specialised subjects. This is another remote job that allows for flexibility of scheduling, letting a senior choose how many hours they teach. 

It can be a great option either for a senior coming out of retirement to earn a bit more, or someone who is approaching retirement age but still wants to retain a source of income without putting in as much time and effort as they did when they were younger. 



These are just our top 5 recommendations for remote jobs that seniors can do, but it’s not an exhaustive list. 

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