Which jobs have seen the highest demand for remote work?

Positions with high demand for remote work have higher chances of offering remote jobs. A new study from Boundless gives insight into what those roles are.

Where there is smoke, there must be a fire; and where there is demand, there must be supply.

Such is the case for remote jobs in the UK, where many already offer at least hybrid positions.

So, which field or career should someone on the hunt for their dream remote job look? Research from Irish remote HR company Boundless offers some insight.


Industries with the biggest demand for remote

Boundless researched Google search data for various types of remote jobs in a wide variety of factors and found that searches for remote and hybrid jobs are on the upswing again.

remote jobs UK

Jobs like IT are seeing the most demand for remote work right now. (Photo by Jep Gambardella on Pexels)

According to the research, the top 10 fields with an increasing demand for remote jobs are:

  1. Customer service
  2. Information technology (IT)
  3. Marketing
  4. HR
  5. Healthcare
  6. Writing
  7. Sales
  8. Teaching
  9. Administration
  10. Finance

All of these fields had more than 100,000 Google searches for remote positions this year. In comparison, the lowest-ranking — finance — had just 9,740 searches in 2016.

Remote customer service jobs have had the most dramatic increase in interest, with searches going from 47,340 in 2016 to nearly 1.2 million in 2023.

For a few months towards the beginning of 2023, at least in the UK, searches for remote jobs had been trending downwards.

This was because hybrid work is so common that most people have come to expect it rather than distinctly search for it.

However, this new study seems to suggest that the trend is starting to reverse and workers are becoming more intentional about remote work opportunities.


Jobs with the biggest demand for remote work

The research also conducted a survey of workers across the UK to narrow down where the demand is coming from.

They asked participants what their jobs were and how much they wanted to work from home exclusively.

remote jobs UK

Fields like architecture and art are seeing the highest demand for remote work right now. (Photo by George Milton on Pexels)

Boundless’ data found that the top 10 jobs with the highest demand for remote work are:

  1. Architecture, engineering & building
  2. Arts & culture
  3. Education
  4. Finance
  5. Healthcare
  6. HR
  7. Information technology & telecoms
  8. Legal
  9. Manufacturing & utilities
  10. Retail, catering & leisure

The results suggest that these are the fields and jobs an interested candidate should seek out if they are looking for remote work.

High demand and skills shortages often mean recruiters and companies have no choice but to negotiate with candidates on their work preferences.

It means your chances of landing a remote job with any of these looks fairly good, especially when you have resources like RemoteWorker.co.uk on your side!

Find the latest remote jobs at RemoteWorker.co.uk.

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