Creative jobs have higher percentage of remote work

But surprising industries tout high numbers of remote job listings too

LONDON, ENGLAND — New research on the subject is showing that jobs in creative industries are more likely to have a high percentage of remote job listings.

The findings line up with earlier studies into remote work instances, which noted more flexibility when it comes to working from home in industries where creative skills are typically put to use as compared to jobs that may not be physically possible to achieve anywhere but in the office.

remote jobs in the UK

Marketing, Communications, and IT were ranked as the most "remote-friendly" by Vestd.

Software firm Vestd confirmed as much in a recent report, summarising that the marketing, communications and IT fields continue to be “some of the most remote-working-friendly sectors”.

Vestd said, “We used data from job listing site Indeed to work out which sectors were the most likely to advertise and hire for full-time remote roles.

“We found there were almost 16,000 jobs (13.5 per cent) within marketing that were listed as solely working from home, followed by media (13.1 per cent), IT (10.6 per cent) and design (10.4 per cent).

“For these creative industries, it is much easier to work remotely — whether that’s from your home, from a coffee shop or anywhere, in fact.

“For some companies, their employees had also been doing this long before the pandemic.”


Other industries stack large numbers but smaller percentages

However, Vestd’s data also found interesting figures around jobs with typically low percentages of remote job listings.

“The hospitality sector had the least remote working jobs advertised with only 0.5 per cent of nearly 60,000 jobs listed with the option to work from home full-time,” it noted.

Retail (0.8 per cent), manufacturing (0.9 per cent) and education (1.4 per cent) were among the other sectors with a tiny minority of roles available to remote workers.

remote jobs in the UK

While it had low percentages, jobs in healthcare had the highest number of remote job listings.

“The other obvious sector is for healthcare and social care professionals, who clearly cannot do their job remotely.”

However, even for these sectors, while the overall percentage of remote job listings was among the lowest, their overall numbers actually outpaced even those with the highest percentages.

For instance, while some 15,720 remote job listings were for marketing, a surprising 203,711 remote job listings were in healthcare.

Although the percentages were far apart at 13.52 per cent and 1.84 per cent respectively, it demonstrates a wealth of diverse job listings available for those looking to work remotely.

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