Holiday self-care tips for remote workers

Mental wellness is a serious concern amongst remote workers, but there are steps you can take to keep it in check.

Before remote and hybrid work became as popular and widespread as they are now, the holiday season was marked with end-of-year office parties, reduced working hours and gift-giving galore.

Sitting at home on your computer may not feel quite as festive, but there are ways remote workers can get into the holiday spirit all on their own.

With December being declared Remote Worker Wellness Month by Bright Breaks, a well-being platform for remote and hybrid employees, is giving you 3 self-care tips to follow this holiday season.


Holiday self-care tips for remote workers

1. Decorate your workspace

If you’re working from home, or from anywhere, experts recommend that you have your own dedicated workspace. But this workspace can look like whatever you want, and can be set up in any way that works best for you.

That also means you’re free to dress it up as you see fit. Get festive with holiday lights, mini-trees or other decor to get in the holiday spirit.

And remember that you can do this for the rest of the year too! Keeping small, unobtrusive items like collectibles or family photos nearby can do wonders for your mental health and give you serotonin boosts throughout the day.

HR’s approval not needed! 


2. Make an extra effort to connect with others

The holiday season is usually a period of increased social activity. Everyone’s hosting parties and spending time with friends and family, perhaps even moreso now that COVID has taught us not to take it for granted.

As a remote worker, you can make efforts to practise this day-to-day too. 

Experts already suggest that HR personnel and management make concentrated efforts to have one-on-one, virtual meetings with remote staff at least once a week. And remote workers themselves can reach out to colleagues to say hello.

A little cheer and human connection go a long way for mental health!


3. Maximise daily breaks

The importance of remote workers managing their daily schedules and setting their own flexible routines cannot be overstated.

And a large part of that is taking time in the day to have breaks and do something just for you.

In this season of giving, it’s the perfect time to really use those breaks in meaningful ways. Connect with family or friends. Spend some time meditating or practising mindfulness and gratitude.

These are some small ways you can give yourself a mental break and really feel the Christmas spirit even while working from home.

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