Influx of remote jobs expected to hit UK in months ahead

CEO: This is fantastic news for anyone looking to join the remote workforce

LONDON, ENGLAND — Thousands more remote jobs could become available over the next year as hundreds of UK businesses plan to either shift to hybrid or fully remote working models within that time.

This is according to HR solutions provider Omnipresent, which recently conducted a survey on the matter. They found 89 per cent of UK businesses that plan to take their operations either fully or partially remote intend to do so over the course of the next year.

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British workers who want remote jobs may finally get the perfect opportunity.

Remote Worker CEO Joseph Boll welcomed the news, stating, “This is fantastic for remote and hybrid workers, as well as for anyone who was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to join the remote workforce.

“When the labour crisis began to worsen, Remote Worker suggested that remote jobs could help to address the issue. We’re excited to see more employers coming around.”

Remote Worker is an online jobs board and resource site for hiring managers and HR professionals seeking to recruit top talent for remote positions, as well as for job seekers looking to land their dream job.

As such, Remote Worker remains readily available to help UK businesses and job seekers alike as the number of remote jobs expands over the next year.

400,000 UK businesses switching to remote jobs

According to Omnipresent, around “400,000 businesses across the country” are expected to shift to remote or hybrid working within the next year.

Like many other countries, the UK has been at somewhat of a crossroads when it comes to remote work. Some employers continue to oppose it, despite evidence of its usefulness.

Other, more forward-thinking companies have either already adopted flexible working options or acknowledge the benefits, with a view to implement such working models at their companies.

UK remote jobs

Remote work has remained the top "job perk" desired by British workers.

In either case, remote work remains the most popular “perk” of choice for British workers. Surveys have found that younger workers who are just entering the workforce are increasingly demanding flexibility.

Meanwhile, those already in the workforce are no longer willing to sacrifice work-life balance by maintaining in-person jobs with the same gusto they once did.

However, Omnipresent’s research suggests brighter prospects are on the horizon for employees who want some measure of remote work to be a part of their weekly routine.

It noted, “Businesses face a crunch point in the next 12 months as the shift to remote and hybrid teams continues to gather pace.”

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