More experts say international remote workers can resolve UK’s labour crisis

HR News tells UK employers prepare for a multicultural remote workforce

LONDON, ENGLAND — Another organisation has come onboard the growing ship of expert opinion that is suggesting hiring remote workers could be the key to solving the UK’s vexing labour shortage.

Remote Worker believes that flexible work can help address the UK's labour shortage.

Remote Worker UK had been among one of the groups to suggest this notion last month.

In a statement, we opined that promoting more flexible work opportunities, including work-from-home, could be a way to entice workers to apply for and remain loyal to UK jobs.

We noted that the current labour shortage, the historic overshadowing of job vacancies as compared to the number of unemployed people, and the mental shift resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, where workers are no longer swayed by salary alone but leaning more heavily towards benefits and flexible working options, presented the perfect opportunity for British employers to take heed of their employees’ wants.

With remote work, or at least some form of flexible work, being highly desired, we believe employers should absolutely consider leveraging this as a way to stay ahead of their competitors.


Turning to global remote workers

Now, HR News has added its opinion to the mix, opining that international remote workers could be the golden ticket the UK’s labour market needs.

Hiring foreign remote workers may be able to help solve the UK's labour crisis.

In a recent article, the organisation cited Zippia findings that “about 80 per cent of workers think they will continue to work from home, while 85 per cent of managers” think so.

However, it also referenced findings by Mckinsey and Co. that “about 94 per cent of the UK’s working population needs to reskill”.

“It is also why many employers can’t hire new workers, as they lack the training and skill to deal with the new technological advancement,” HR News pointed out.

To this end, it said the UK will likely turn to foreign remote workers to fill its current gap, urging British employers to “accept multiculturalism as part of your remote workforce”.

“With Britain opening up their border to become a more global country,” said HR News, “we will most likely see an increase in diversity in the remote workforce.”

Last month, the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) Global Public Policy Director likewise suggested, “It’s clear that there are simply not enough resources to fill the hiring needs of the country’s employers.

“If the UK is to remain an economic powerhouse, greater government intervention is needed to ensure businesses can access a global and flexible labour market.”

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