Three tips for staying focussed when working from home

Balance is key when it comes to working remotely

Working from home is great! You get to stay in your pyjamas all day if you want, answer emails with a beloved pet by your side and avoid spending hours on the tube.

But it also comes with challenges. You’re at home — but so is your video game console, or that book collection you’ve been meaning to get to or all the social media apps you can handle, with no one to pop in and interrupt your scrolling.

A cosy home can have more distractions than an uptight workplace. So, how can a remote worker make sure they work efficiently? can offer three of the best tips on how to do it.


3 Tips To Stay Focussed When Working From Home

1. Have a dedicated workspace

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Having a dedicated workspace can help you to stay focussed.

It may be tempting to stay in bed or on the couch when you’re working from home and there’s no one around to force you to sit at a desk.

But experts say you should have a dedicated workspace to make the most of your remote work experience. 

Having an area in your home that is just for work helps program your brain to be focussed when you’re at work. 

It’s also great for helping to maintain work-life balance, knowing that you are in “work mode” when you sit in your workspace, and that you can unplug when you walk away.

Whether that area is a private study, a quiet table, the garden or wherever works best for you.


2. Create a calendar

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Try to schedule your calendar for when you'll be most productive.

Organise your days and weeks into which tasks and projects to tackle, when to complete them and which deadlines have to be met.

This will help you stay on track when you might not have a manager physically knocking on your office door to ask when you’ll have that report ready.

It’s another way to keep yourself focussed and ensure all of your work gets done.

Even better, tailor your schedule to when you’re most productive, if you can.

Keeping in mind that some employers will ask you to be available for certain times during the day, especially on account of different time zones, try to set up your calendar to match your own productivity as much as possible.

Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, or you work best in the evenings after the kids have settled down, etc.


3. Take breaks

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Taking breaks will help your mind stay sharp.

This may seem counterproductive, but taking breaks actually helps to prevent you from becoming burnt out. 

In turn, it keeps your mind sharp and helps you to focus on your tasks with a clear head.

Moderation is key, however. Try to keep distractions to a minimum and instead have structured breaks so that you can take a breather without going overboard.

It may help to set a timer reminding you to take a break every few hours. You could also leave your workspace and enjoy your break elsewhere to help your mind shift into “off-duty” mode.

This may help you make the most of your break without feeling too confined. 

Regular breaks are part of the delicate balance of remote work that will help you perform your best. 

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