Ivanti survey confirms higher productivity among UK’s remote workers

74% of UK respondents working remotely; 65% more productive than pre-pandemic

LONDON, ENGLAND — A newly published survey has confirmed that people working remote jobs in the UK are actually more productive online than in a physical office.

Despite some public figures making disparaging comments about remote working, British employees are thriving in a remote work environment.

This comes in light of pushback against remote work by public figures, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In May, Johnson made disparaging comments about remote working Brits, landing him in hot water with civil service unions, some of whom have been steadfastly advocating for flexible working to be the default.

He criticized a “post-COVID, work-from-home, mañana culture”, seemingly suggesting a lazy approach and lax performance among remote workers.

However, like countless similar studies conducted, a new survey by Ivanti, an IT software company, confirmed this criticism is actually the opposite of the reality for the vast majority of Brits who work remote jobs, whether from home or elsewhere.


Remote jobs thriving in UK

Ivanti, an IT software company.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Ivanti Vice President David Shepherd said, “Whilst the debate in parliament rages on about employees getting back to their desks, the results from this study show that British employees are adapting and thriving in a work-from-anywhere environment.

“The results also show that technology is helping boost productivity as the workforce embraces the post-pandemic, but that there is more that can be done to further increase staff morale and productivity.

“Employers and politicians would do well to listen to employees, take on board their feedback and de-politicise the work-from-anywhere debate if they are to take full advantage of the opportunity that has been revealed by the post-pandemic digital workforce.”


Remote working Brits more productive

UK remote jobs

Ivanti's 2022 Digital Employee Experience Report has found that 74% of British respondents are working remotely.

Ivanti’s 2022 Digital Employee Experience Report surveyed 1,350 workers across the UK.

That report found that 74 per cent of respondents were working from home and as many as 65 per cent of that number felt they are more productive on the job since shifting to remote work at the start of the pandemic.

Additionally, the study confirmed that remote working is more popular in the UK than ever as 59 per cent of respondents were working more hours online since the start of the pandemic.

However, Ivanti’s report also noted the drawbacks of remote work, as 29 per cent of respondents complained of work-related technical difficulties.

Hence Shepherd’s admission that there are areas for improvement in remote work, although the overall outlook is extremely positive.

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Ivanti 2022 Digital Employee Experience Report

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