Job site study finds more employers offering remote work than ever

Indeed survey of 20 countries shows job seeker and employer interest in remote work still high

LONDON, ENGLAND — Employers are more likely to offer prospective and current employees remote work options now than before the pandemic, according to data from one of the top job sites in the world.

Indeed, one of the world’s top job sites, just this month released a report outlining these findings. The company boasts millions of unique visitors to its site every month on an international scale.

UK remote jobs

Indeed Hiring Labs study finds remote work options continues to rank high on list of what job seekers want the most.

The organisation compiled data from 20 countries, including the UK, focused on remote work both from the angle of job seeker searches and employer advertisements into a study on the arguably controversial topic.

“The return to worksites may be picking up,” Indeed noted, “but remote options are here to stay.

“Job seeker interest in remote work continues to be high, with the overall share of searches for such jobs on Indeed still well above pre-pandemic levels.”

It noted that this appetite for remote work was found to be particularly high for employed women who were looking to switch to fully remote jobs.

This finding is not surprising given countless studies have found women and disabled workers particularly benefit from remote work options.

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Remote work still on employers’ radars 

On the other side of the equation, remote work was also a major keyword among employers.

This is especially noteworthy given the current labour climate in the UK, where not only is there a higher number of job openings than unemployed individuals but employees are also saying they feel less motivated to remain on a job because of salary alone.

UK remote jobs

Indeed Hiring Labs study finds remote work options continues to rank high on list of what job seekers want the most.

UK employers have had to up their stakes to compete for the best talent both when it comes to hiring new workers and retaining existing staff.

Indeed noted, “On the employer side, research using data across 20 countries from the Indeed Hiring Lab and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found, as measured by remote advertisements, the pandemic-related increase in adoption of remote work has not significantly reversed despite easing of public health restrictions.

“Other research shows employers increasingly view the rise of remote work as a permanent feature of managing their workforces.”

Several UK businesses Remote Worker spoke with last week expressed similar sentiments. They vouched for the benefits remote work had on their businesses and said they intend to continue offering their employees remote work for the foreseeable future.

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