’s Top Three Job Search Tips

Looking for the perfect remote job but not sure where to start? These tips will help!

Remote and hybrid work has become significantly more popular since the pandemic. But it still hasn’t reached every crevice of the workforce just yet.

Of course, there are some jobs that simply cannot be done remotely. But what about the others? And if someone’s looking for a remote job, how should they go about it?

Follow RemoteWorker’s top 3 tips to chart your path to remote working success!


Tips to find the perfect remote job

Remote job search tip #1: Use job boards

UK remote jobs

Online job platforms let you search for remote jobs.

The easiest way to find remote jobs in the UK is to use an online job search platform like

Modern jobs that offer remote or hybrid arrangements are less likely to advertise through traditional outlets such as newspapers or radio ads.

Instead, they’re likely to post online through one of the many job boards available, like LinkedIn, Indeed, Reed and others that let you narrow your search down to those offering remote.

The search is even easier with our website, since all of the jobs we post are either remote or hybrid — this means you have fewer results to sort through in your search for the right one.


Remote job search tip #2: Beware the bait-and-switch

Remote and hybrid jobs are, understandably, quite popular among the modern workforce.

Research shows most Brits have come to expect at least some form of remote work by default, while others won’t even consider applying to a job unless remote is being offered.

Employers and recruiters are aware of this. Unfortunately, some try to use it to their advantage by falsely promising remote work when they have no intention of actually offering flexible work options.

If you’re looking for remote work right now, be extra cautious about reading the details of the job.

Look out for subtle words that could indicate a false prospect of remote, like “maybe” or “can” or “potentially” — or just work with sites like, where you know each job ad is vetted, legitimate and truly remote/hybrid.


Remote job search tip #3: Tailor your resume

remote jobs in the UK

Optimise your resume for remote jobs.

When looking for remote work, it’s generally good practice to tailor your resume and/or CV towards this.

Showcase transferable skills like working independently or with minimal supervision, and being a self-starter. If you have prior remote work experience, be sure to include it.

In your bio or write-up, specify that you either are a remote worker or that you’re looking for remote jobs.

This will help employers to know what your expectations are upfront, and deter companies with no interest in offering remote work from wasting your time.

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