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CIPD: Remote work helps businesses avoid labour shortages

Remote Worker CEO says UK companies can benefit from online talent acquisition services now more than ever  LONDON, ENGLAND — Nearly 70 per cent of UK businesses found that embracing flexible/remote work options helped them to attract and retain staff. This is according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the UK’s professional…
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Remote jobs are less toxic than in-person offices

Remote jobs are not perfect, but there are fewer instances of yelling, bullying and gossipping LONDON, ENGLAND — It’s an unfortunate part of many workplaces: toxic behaviours like nasty gossip, nepotism, harassment, bullying, passive aggression and the list goes on. But new research suggests remote work cuts down on this phenomenon and makes employees feel…
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Hybrid workers in the UK would quit than return to in person jobs

Survey finds hybrid workers would rather quit than return to in person jobs. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — In the age of the “Great Resignation” where scores of workers around the world are opting to leave their jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of UK employees would rather quit than return to traditional in-person office…
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