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Most UK companies say remote work positively impacting their business

Companies operating remotely seeing business savings and increased productivity LONDON, ENGLAND — The vast majority of companies operating remotely in the United Kingdom believe it has positively impacted their business. This is according to a survey recently published by Remote, a global HR solutions company. It found that 88 per cent of remote UK businesses…
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Promoting remote work may help address UK’s labour shortage

Intense volcano of labour conditions presents employers with opportunity to give current and prospective staff what they want in an ideal job  LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — Promoting more remote work or flexible work opportunities might be one way to help address the deepening labour shortage throughout the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS), in…
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Cool Company

Cool Company is the freelancer, consultant, and Remote Worker's best friend. You can test your business ideas without the headache that comes with starting a company. The perfect starting point for your remote working business life. Cool Company UK Umbrella Payroll. Cool Company handles payroll, taxes & more. Easy, safe, HMRC recognised payroll, and convenient. All…
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